Civil claims tracks

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The Small Claims Track:

This is a fairly cheap and informal way of settling small disputes.

Procedure of the small claims track:

People are encouraged to bring their own case so costs are kept to a minimum. It is possible to use a solicitor in the small claims track, however, the winner cannot claim the cost of the solicitor from the losing side. Judges in small claims cases play an active role in the proceedings, asking questions and ensuring both parties explain all their important points.

ADVANTAGES of the small claims track:

· The cost of bringing a case is low, especially for claims under £1,000

· If you lose you do not have to pay for the other sides solicitor

· People can bring the case themselves and do not need a solicitor to do so

· The procedure is quick

· The District Judge helps the parties explain the case

DISADVANTAGES of the small claims track:

· For cases over £1,000 an allocation fee has to be paid

· Legal


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