Citizenship- Human Rights

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  • Magna Carta 1215- not to be imprisoned without a fair trial.
  • Bill of rights 1689- Freedom to petition the monarch
    Elect our own government
    Freedom from cruel punishment.
  • Slavery abolition act 1833- Abolished slavery
  • Cotton mills and Factories act 1819- No children under 9 were to be employed
  • Human rights act 2000- Children a right to education
    Just some examples there are many more.


  • Right- Freedom of speech
  • Responsibility- Not to cause hatred or provoke violence
    -Not to stop others from expressing their views
  • Right- To live in a clean environment
  • Responsibility- To look after the clean environment.


  • Universal declaration of human rights UDHR 1948
    Aim to agree minimum rights for every human being in every country in the world so everyone can enjoy freedom, justice, and peace.

    Religious attitudes towards the law and human rights.

  • Buddhism
  • Monks…


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