Citizenship Case Studies

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Real Case Studies

Direct Race Discrimination

An individual is not offered a job, or not given promotion because of his or her race.

Mr T was an Asian manager who requested five days special leave to care for his sick wife. His line manager only granted him three days despite the certificate from Mr T's doctor confirming that he needed to be at home. Shortly afterwards, Mr T's secretary, who was white, was granted seven days special leave to visit her sick mother in Paris. An Employment Tribunal held that Mr T had been discriminated against on the grounds of his race because h had been treated less favorably than a white comparator.

Direct Sex Discrimination

An employer fails to promote a female employee because they are concerned that she may be starting a family and go off on maternity leave.

A female truck driver was made redundant after complaining about a male colleague refusing to work with her because she was a woman. A male driver made derogatory remarks and was exceptionally rude to the female driver.
He suggested that she was doing a man out of a job and one of the other male drivers refused to work with her. The female driver complained to two directors of the company, but no action was taken. She went off on a period of sick leave and when she returned she was made redundant…


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