• Delegation of powers from central government to national level
  • led to creation of Welsh Assembly (1999), Scottish Parliament (1999) and Northern Ireland Assembly (1998) as part of the Good Friday Agreement.
  • Local parliament or national assembly can better represent the needs of their citizens
  • each country will have a measure of self government

Westminster Parliament

  • Despite devolution, some powers still remain with Westminster Parliament:
  • Constitution, foreign affairs, defence, Civil Service, Financial/economic, immigration, drug control, trade and industry, aspects of transport, employment, energy regulation, social security, equal oppurtunities, broadcasting, ethichal and medical, international development.

Scottish Parliament

  • long history of independance and high support for devolution, (74% voting yes in referendum). Scottish elections have 2 votes to elect 129 MSPs= first vote is to elect 73 candidate using FPTP (1/73 constituencies)  and then 56MSPs are elected using PR.
  • Devolved powers include: Environment, agriculture, forestry, fishing, education, local gov and housing, justice and policing, health and social work, economic development, tourism, sport, heritage

Welsh Assembly - originally held fewer devolved powers as it is a smaller country than Scotland and less history of independance. Referendum was close 50.03% said yes. Welsh devolved powers similar


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