Citizenship Theme A - Rights


Human and Moral Rights

UDHR developed by UN General Assembly in 1948 to protect and promote individual rights and freedoms, including the rights to life, liberty, security, equal protection from law, privacy, education, freedom of speech, religion, opinion etc.

Human Rights Act 1998 - complies with Europen Convention of Human Rights. Some argue HR not upheld in society e.g. prisoners denied UK vote, homeless people are denied Article 25= right to basic standard of living.

Moral Rights/Duties- not punishable by court, but generally acceptable and majority adhere to. e.g. helping those in need. Avoid e.g. lying or cheating, abusing power etc.

Upholding Rights: Rights of different people/groups can come into conflict and need to be balanced, for example =

  • 2008, Gordon Brown proposed 42 day detention without charge for suspected terrorists. Defeated in HOL
  • National Action is a far right grp formed in 2013 and due to racist propaganda, it was proscribed a terrorist group in 2016 = criminal act to be part of.
  • Investigatory Powers Act…


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