Citizenship Theme A - Population, Respect and Identity



Changing Population:

Age = Ageing population. Reasons could include improved healthcare, better nutrition and standard of living. 4 possible impacts:

  • Increased demands on NHS
  • Higher cost of social care
  • Increase in age-related conditions e.g. dementia
  • Raised cost of pensions for longer time periods

Ethnicity = UK has become more diverse. Growth in dual heritage and multiple identities. Gov holds a census every 10 years to find out what changes are taking place. Between 2001 and 2011 census showed decrease in White people however this is still over 80%, and an incrase in multipl ethnic groups.

Religiton = 2001 to 2011 census results show that there is a decrease in Christians, though it is still a majority, and an increase in Muslims as the second largest religious group. Other main religions and growing too and also an increase of people with no religion. This also varies in regions with London being the most diverse.

Disability = over 11m people live with disabilities and many require benefits or social care. it can increase with age rising to over 45% in those over retirment age. Laws e.g. Equality Act 2010 protect disabled from discrimination.

Changes on Wealth = Changing composition of UK impacts onthe distribution of wealth and the rich-poor divide. There are incrase in benefit sanctions and laws e.g. bedroom tax which have raised poverty levels. Increases in demand for charities


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