Circadian Rhythms

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Circadian rhythms recur about once every 24 hours 

Example - the 24 hour sleep wake cycle 

Research Relating to Circadian Rhythms 

Michael Siffre - spent 6 months inside a cave and found that his natural circadian rhythm was just over 24 hours but would changes dramatically - sometimes as much as 48 hours

Aschoff and Wever - placed participant sin an underground bunker in the absence of environmental time cues and found that most people displayed circadian rhythms of between 24 hours and 25 hours although some rhythms were as long as 29 hours 

These studies suggest that the body's natural circadian rhythm isn't 24 hours.

Evaluation of Research: 

A positive criticism; The findings of these studies have been replicated in other instances. for example Miles et al found a 24.9 hour circadian rhythm for a man who had been blind from birth…


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