Cicero In Verrem II.1 56

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Vereor ... videatur. I fear in case these things perhaps seem to someone too ancient and already outdated; for then, everyone was of the same manner, so that this praise of exceptional virtue and exceptional integrity not only seem to belong to men but also to those times.

Publius ... ornatam. Publius Servilius, a very well-known man, having achieved many of the…




Hello there

I know this is unconventional, leaving comments on resources, but I saw on my home page that you were uploading Latin In Verrem notes and deduced that you are taking the OCR Latin Verse and Prose paper this year as I am.

Basically, I have a full set of notes for the text here: (I am fiddle_herman, in case you were wondering :3). Of course, part of the useful of notes is making them yourself, but other people's notes can be useful as well. The site I have uploaded them onto has a very powerful Learn mode and is very useful for learning the translation of by heart. 

Of course, you do not have to use them at all, but I figured I would leave them here in case you find them useful.

Good luck for the exam!


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