Cicero on Clodia (ROME)

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  • In spite of Caelius' probable guilt, it is Clodia's alleged promiscuity that is used to discredit her as a witness
  • Cicero emphasised that there were no witnesses in the theft of the gold and suggests that it would only be possible if Clodia and Caelius were "intimate" thus painting Clodiua as a spurned lover 
  • Cicero infers that the gold was lent
  • Discredits Clodia by suggesting that she is promiscuous and using idle gosspi to "slander" her character as he claims the accusations are founded on
  • Adopts 2 personae in order to imagine the conversation he would have with her ancestor Appius and her brother (Ciceros enemy) with whom Cicero implies she has an incestuous relationship with
  • Through the voice of Appius Cicero asks


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