Cicero- Bitter Hatred

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You have heard, men of the jury, how important for Clodius it was for Milo to be killed: now turn your minds in turn to Milo. How important was it for Milo for Clodius to be killed? What reason was there why Milo, I shan’t say would admit this, but even want it?

‘Clodius stood in the way of Milo’s hopes for the consulship.’ But it was happening in spite of his opposition, rather it was happening all the more indeed, and he was using Clodius as a greater consular supporter than me.

You were stirred, members of the jury, by the memory of Milo’s services towards me and the republic, you were stirred by our tears and prayers, by which I felt you were wonderfully moved then, but you were stirred much more by the fear of impending dangers. For which of the citizens was there who could picture before himself the unrestrained praetorship of Publius Clodius without the greatest fear of revolution? And you saw it would be unrestrained, unless there was a consul who could dare to constrain it.


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