ES - CI11.4 The p Block: Group 7

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  • Halogens = all elements in group 7
  • Have 7 electrons on their outer shell
  • Most reactive non-metals
  • All natural found in compounds - halide ions eg. Br-
  • All occur as diatomic molecules - linked by single covalent bond

Can become stable by:

  • Gaining an electron from a metal to form a halide ion and an ionically bonded compound
  • Sharing an electron with another atom through covalent bond
  • ^both have OS of 1-

Physical Properties

  • More soluble in hexane than water
  • Gas > Liquid > Solid as the group DESCENDS
  • ^due to increased strength in intermolecular bonds
  • Strongest intermolecular bond - id-id
  • M.P INCREASES down the group
  • B.P INCREASES down the group
  • Solubility DECREASES down the group


  • Fluorine - pale yellow gas
  • Chlorine


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