Churchill's stance towards the war

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Churchill's stance towards the war

Churchill felt optimistic about Britain, and it's Empire's chances of success in the war. This was exaccerabted by the fact they were only fighting on a single front and Churchill had filled much of his cabinet with supporters.

But in the early months of his premiership there number of problems:

  • Evacuation of Dunkirk
  • Surrender of France 
  • Invasion of Belgium 
  • Invasion of Denmark
  • Invasion of Holland 
  • Invasion of Norway
  • Fear of Italy's entrance into the war (threatening the Suez canal)
  • Gold reserves running low
  • Threat to South Africa from Japan
  • Fear of large scale bombing of Britain 

Dunkirk, in particular, can be seen as a successful mission as 300,000 soldiers were safely evacuated from the beaches. However, it was also a large scale failure because 300,000 soldiers had to be evacuated in the first place. The evacuation also meant


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