Christina Aguilera, my media studies case study

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  • An iconic star who has sold over 50 million records worldwide.
  • Spotted by 'Star Search' while she was taking part in the Mickey Mouse Club at a very young age.
  • Through print, Christina Aguilera is given spotlight.  The media is able to influence the public's opinions on her.  Through Cosmopolitan magazine, she may be viewed as an icon and role-model.  The photo's that accompany articles in Cosmopolitan are likely to connote a lustful or glamorous vibe, whereas photos of her in The Sun could show her as scandalous and someone you should not look up to.
  • Through broadcasting, Christina Aguilera is able to express herself and this shows clearly in certain music videos.  In the video that accompanies her song 'Beautiful', Christina is attempting to connect with the audience.  She uses emotion and understanding to create a message to the public.  In this particular video, she looks natural.  She is not dressed provocatively and this creates a shock factor.  The video is trying to get the message across that everyone is beautiful despite their sexuality, stereotype, race, etc.  This rises revenue s it…


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