Christians on animal testing (12 marks)

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Generally speaking, many Christians keep the traditional view on the relationship between humankind and animals- that humans were made in God's image, very different from other animals, so, we are special and have been given 'dominion' over nature. We don't need to worry about their well-being. Thefore, animals testing should be allowed, as it is a way of meeting our needs. However, other Christians would say that God made all animals sacred, as he saw that they were good. In Genesis, God brought animals to Adam to name them, which shows our superiority over animals, but not power. God gave humans 'stewardship' over animals, so we need to care for them, which means that animal testing is cruel and not permissible.

Many Christians are divided on this topic. For example, Roman Catholics believe that "medical and scientific experimentation on animals is morally acceptable within reasonable limits and if it contributes to caring for and saving human lives" (Catechism 2417). They think that "it is contrary to human dignity to cause animals to suffer or die needlessly" (Catechism 2418), but procedures such as animal testing to improve medical understanding are an exception, because they involve the saving of human lives. This is supported by Catechism 2418, which says: "It is likewise unworthy to spend money on them that should as a priority to the relief of human misery. One can love animals, but one should not direct to them the affection due only to persons". Therefore, Roman Catholics would condemn any animal testing procedures that would not be useful for humans.

Similarly, Baptists are sympathetic to the use of animals in medical research, but are less enthusiastic about their use in cosmetic products. Their…


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