Christianity and Islam- Environmental and Medical Issues

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  • Most scientists believe that global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect,the result of excessive levels of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere
  • Pollution is caused by human activity, negligence, industry and waste
  • The effects of pollution are very serious, affecting the world for both humans and wildlife
  • Non-renewable resources are natural resources (coal and gas), which will eventually run out
  • Renewable resources which renew themselves (wind and the Sun) can be used to generate power
  • Natural resources are often wasted and misused with serious long-term effects on the environment and quality of life for everyone
  • Christians believe that the Earth was created by God and that he wants humans to look after it as stewards
  • Christians therefore try to look after the Earth and conserve natural resources, but believe that people are the most important part of the Earth
  • Muslims teach that Allah gave humans authority over creation, and that they are his vice-regents on Earth, with the responsibility of stewardship
  • Everything in creation glorifies Allah and is part of the magnificence of his work, and should therefore be treated with respect
  • Infertility


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