Christianity: Abortion and fertility treatments

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Abortion is the artificial termination of a fetus. In the UK a woman can abort her baby as long as it is under 24 weeks old and two doctors give consent to abort the baby. Every year in the UK over 200,000 women have abortions.

Against Abortion

Roman Catholics and other denominations are against abortion. They believe that life is sacred or holy and that humans do not have the right to take away of life. This idea of life being sacred is often described as "the sanctity of life". Some Christians would say that life begins at conception (when the Egg and sperm fuse), that the soul is given at conception, therefore aborting a fetus would be classed as murder. One of the 10 commandments is "though shall not kill". 

This is based on the teaching Genesis 1:27 that all people are made in the image of God. That God has a plan for each individual (Jeremiah 1:5) and that God is the creative spark from the moment of Conception.

Both Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church teach that abortion is a great moral evil and that every life should be protected. They would say that aborting a fetus would go against the will of God. Catholics will only allow abortion if the mother's life is at risk as that is called the 'doctorine double effect', if the mother continues with the pregnancy then she…


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