Christian teachings on fertility treatments- 12 marks

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There are many passages in the Bible which could be used to support or to go against fertility treatments. In Genesis, God told humans to 'go forth and multiply. Christians believe that we are made in God's image (Genesis 1: "God created man in His image; male and female he created them"), so some believe that we too may 'create' and use our God given intellect to overcome infertility.

However, I would disagree with this by saying that the Bible has passages which go against our role of 'creators' in fertility treatments. Ecclesiastes 7:13 states: "Who can make straight what he has made crooked?". In my opinion, we should not play God, and if He made someone infertile, it was for a certain purpose, for example, to encourage those people to adopt children or to do charity work. Even though I am sorry for infertile couples and consider Jesus's teaching in Matthew 7:12 ("Do onto others what you would have them do to you") as a good counter- argument for my thoughts , I would still say that we shouldn't play God and that the concept of sanctity of life goes against fertility treatments. In addition, I think that people should not be selfish and should adopt instead, as there are many homeless children in the world, and it goes with the teaching of Jesus to help those in need

There is a diversity between various denominations on the use of fertility treatments.

For example, Roman Catholics are sympathetic…


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