Christian teachings on euthanasia- 12 marks

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Generally speaking, all Christians believe that life is a gift from God, and having euthanasia is rejecting this gift. The concept of sanctity of life teaches that because God created us in His image, we are sacred. Human life has dignity and value no matter how much suffering we seem to be experiencing. However, other Christians believe that if our life has dignity, we should be able to die a dignified death, when we choose to.

I believe that the process of dying is significant and should not be disrupted, as you would not have finished your spiritual journey. Also, I think that John 10:10 is a good Bible to consider on this issue. Jesus said: "I have come that they may have life and have it to the full", which suggests that Jesus suffered on the Cross so that we would enjoy life, instead of disposing it by having euthanasia. However, taking into account the respect of patient's autonomy, that a patient's rights have to be respected and their wished fulfilled under any circumstance, and the promotion of their best interests, I think that this is a very controversial topic. On the one hand, euthanasia could be a very compassionate act by a doctor to a dying person even though it goes against the Hyppocratic Oath, but on the other hand, making euthanasia legal could result in slippery slope with voluntary euthanasia turning into non-voluntary and involuntary. I think that even though a person is terminally ill…


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