Christian Responses to the Problem of Evil and Suffering

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Christian Responses to the Problem of Evil and Suffering

Christians believe there are six different responses to the problem of evil and suffering:

  • Response 1 - Suffering is a necessary part of life.  You cannot have life as we know it without some kind of suffering.  Suffering presents a challenge to human beings to search for inner strength.
  • Response 2 - After death, all the suffering and evil in the world will be forgotten in the joy of a new risen life.  The people who suffer most in this life have most to look forward to after death
  • Response 3 - The sufferings of Jesus Christ, the son of God.  He was put to death by his enemies.  This is the supreme example for all Christians who are suffering.  Yet Christians believe that God brought him back from the dead.  Light and hope came out of his suffering and death.  The same will happen to us.
  • Response 4 - Suffering is caused by sin.  Sin is part of human nature and affects us all.  Sin is not just doing wrong but a whole attitude of heart and mind that leads us away from God and suffering is the result.
  • Response 5 - Human beings have free will - they are free to choose between good and evil.  If people were to become more aware of themselves and others around them, the world would be…


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