Christian Philosophy and Ethics - The Existence of God

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Existence of God

Why Christians believe in God?

  •    Christians maintain that the universe could not have come into existence by accident. A creator must have started it. The reasons for this are that everything has a cause and God is the cause of the creation.
  • ·         Christians point to the complexity and beauty of creation, visible in even the smallest insect or flower and insist there must be a God behind it.
  • ·         Many Christians insist they have a personal experience of God’s existence or presence, through payer or healing or even a near death experience.
  • ·         Some may refer to their own conversion experience or a change of heart.
  • ·         Some Christians will attribute to their family up bring or background.
  • ·         Some will refer to their own conscience, the inner voice which tells them they what is right or wrong, good or bad.

 Why some people don’t believe in God?

  • Non-believers argue that the universe could have come into being by random chance or accident as a result of the big bang.
  •     Non-believers argue there is no design, but it is a process of natural evolution.
  •     Non-believers say there is no such thing as conscience coming from God. They say we have been conditioned by our parents/teachers/society etc. from our earliest childhood which tell


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