Christian Perspective - The Family

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a.) Describe Christian teachings which might be used in a discussion about divorce. (8)

Christians may follow the teaching that divorce is never acceptable. Roman Catholics follow this teaching. They believe that divorce affects the children in the family and the parents may no longer be able to provide for them after a divorce. "If anyone does not provide for his relatives, he has denied faith (and is worse than an unbeliever)" - 1 Timothy 5. This shows that not providing for your family is seen as a bad thing in the eyes of God.

Christians may not consider divorce because it was God who joined them together.Vows are seen as permanent and unchangeable. "What God has brought together let not man separate" - Matthew 19. This shows God is powerful and man should not stand in the way of his power.

God does not look upon divorce well. Christians aim to please God and divorce does the opposite, therefore they would not consider it. "God hates divorce" - Malachi 2. A divorce undermines God's…


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