Christian Perspective - Christian Responsibility towards Disadvantaged People

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a.) Describe Christian teachings about helping poor people. (8)

Christians would be concerned for the poor because they should care for all people equally. We should not care for one person more than any other. We should treat all people as equals. "Do not show favouritism" - James 2.

We should all love our neighbour as our self.Therefore we should care for them whether they are rich or poor. If they need our help, we should care after them as if was our self. "Love your neighbour as you love yourself" - Leviticus 19.

We are all united in Christ. We are no different from the next person, because we are all one in Jesus Christ. We should care for those who are poor because we are equal in Christ. "You are all one in Christ Jesus" - Galatians 3.

On caring for the poor, Christians would use the teaching of Agape.Agape teaches unconditional love for all. Therefore, whether our brothers on Earth be rich or poor, we should love them equally. This would include helping those who our poor and showing love and support to them.

We must not kill anyone.Not supporting and…


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