Christian Beliefs about Jesus and the Holy Spirit

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Beliefs about Jesus and the Holy Spirit



Christians believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and this is a fundamental idea of the whole religion. In Greek, the word “Christ” stands for “Messiah”, a Hebrew word. “Messiah” means anointed one so for Jesus to be anointed was an honour in the Jewish religion as only kings and prophets were said to be anointed. Jesus wasn’t the only person claiming to be the Messiah during the Roman rule; all claims were judged to be treason by the emperor. 


Jesus, being the son of God on Earth, is God incarnate – a representation of God in human form. This is explained in the name Immanuel which means “God with us” in Hebrew. To celebrate the incarnation of God as Jesus in flesh and blood is shown in the service of Holy Communion, or Eucharist. This involves the drinking of wine (symbolising God’s blood) and the eating of bread (symbolising the body of Christ). In the most important of Jesus’ miracles, the Messiah resurrects after three days, post crucifixion. Christians believe this act is one of saviour to everyone. Atonement is the word used to describe the death of Jesus, the reconciliation of the whole of humanity through one action. Many people see him after the death of Jesus including the apostles – Jesus’ followers who were sent


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