Christian and Islamic Beliefs about Creation and Evolution


Fundamentalist Christistians - Creationists

Believe that:

  • God created the Universe from ex nihilo (nothing)
  • They believe that Genesis Chapters 1 and 2 are factual accounts of the creation of the Universe.
  • They entirely reject the Evolution theories of Darwin andSt Augustine (4th Century CE).
  • 19th Century Christian Scientist Philip Gosse claimed that fossils were placed in the ground by God to deliberately confuse us.
  • That The Big Bang Theory and The Theory of Evolution contradict the story of creation and even the existance of God, and so any such theories are false.

Other Christians -

Believe that:

  • The Creation story is a symbolic account, or a parable of the fundamental principles of creation and God's place in it.
  • Other Christians, and Christian Scientists, agree that The Big Bang Theory and the Theory of Evolution, help to explain the events in Genesis 1 and 2, and in no way contradict their Christian beliefs because they dxo not deny the existance of God or his creation of the universe.
  • St Augustine agreed that God may have created simple life


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