Christain Teachings

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  • 'Do not kill'
  • 'Love thy neighbour as yourself'
  • 'Not even a sparrow is forgotten by God'
  • 'There is no Jew nor Greek, Male nor Female, Slave nor free, for all one in Christ Jesus'
  • 'God created all people in his own image'
  • 'Now I am certain that God treats everyone alike'
  • 'The earth is Lords and everything in it'
  • 'Good people look after their animals, Wicked people are cruel to theirs'
  • 'Blessed are the peacemakers'
  • 'Those who live by the sword, Die by the sword'
  • 'Treat others as they would like to treat you' (The Golden Rule)

Animal rights – the belief that animals should have rights such as the right to be free from pain and to live

Stewardship – human’s job is to be in charge of the


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