chinese campaigns and its effects

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Mao set about establishing a totalitarian state

the all china federation of democratic youth and and the all china federation of women established by CCP to involve people in transformation of chinese society

PLA spread communist ideology and indoctrinated people 

1950s labour camps set up and filled with prisoners

around 27 million died in total in the camps. these camps were for people who did not conform to communism

October 1950 suppression of counter revolutionaries campaign launched

counter-revolutionary:anybody who had links to GMD bandits or religious groups

campaign aim was to stamp out non-political offences

28000 suspected counter revolutionaries executed in public for impact

1951-three antis campaign targeted party members+state officials, aims:wipe out corruption,waste,delay

1952-five antis campaign aims: end bribery, tax evasion, theft etc


criminal gang control of cities like shanghai reduced.

drop in corruption of nationalist china

prostitutes wiped out

negative: personal freedom came to a cost

in october 1950 the PLA was sent into tibet to assert chinese claim in a series of reunification campaigns

although the tibetans identified as separate people they were no match for the PLA and a regime of terror aimed…


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