China's One Child Policy

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The policy came into force in 1970 aimed to encourage people to have only one child.

China's one-child policy has been somewhat relaxed in recent years. Couples can now apply to have a second child if their first child is a girl, or if both parents are themselves only-children.

While China's population is now rising more slowly, it still has a very large total population (1.3 billion in 2008) and China faces new problems, including:

the falling birth rate - leading to a rise in the relative number of elderly people

Fewer people of working age to support the growing number of elderly dependents - in the future China could have an ageing population

21% of world's population live in China and 1.25 billion is the current pop, the optimum is 0.76

population increasing by 55 million by 3 years and would double by 50 years, the rate of natural increase is 0.9%

How is the policy enforced?

- forced abortion

- family planning

- promote delayed marriage and child bearing

- advocate fewer and healthier births

- not written in chinese law but chinese officials have said it is mandated (governed) by laws governing other aspects of chinese society

Benefits for couples who follow the policy:

- longer maternity leave

- better housing, priority access to housing

- free education (government pays for one child's education)

- family planning

- better care for women + health care and lowering chances of an STD and also paid medical

- rural people receive larger land allocation

Punishments for people who don't follow


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