China - South-North Water Transfer Project (SNWTP)

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  • Water Distribution
    • South China has too much water
    • North China has too little water
      • More than half of China's population live in the north
  • Desertification in the North 
    • Sandstorms are frequent in the spring
    • 28% of china has been turned to desert, effecting 400 million people.
    • Logging, over-grazing, over-farming and ‘reckless water use’ are the causes
    • An estimated 1000 square miles is lost to desert per year
    • In areas such as Ningxia in northwest china, people are struggling to survive in a waterless, barren environment.
    • Government spent US$350 million on a project to create fertile farmland in the middle of the desert, but this is controversial because despite improving lives of many people, it strains the Yellow River
  • Sewage
    •  278 out of 662 major cities in China don’t have sewage treatment plants meaning that only 23% of sewage is being treated and 77% is being discharged raw
    • 50 sewage plants in 30 cities are operating below capacity due to insufficient sewage collection, inability to handle some toxic material and high operational costs.
    • According to the UN, less than half of the wastewater China pumps into the ocean is treated
    • Research shows that the discharge of wastewater (treated and untreated) has doubled between 2000 and 2005
  • Industrial Pollution
    • One survey showed that


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