Chile earthquake 2010

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Chile Earthquake 27th February 2010

State of Catastrophe: 8.8 magnitude struck near Concepcion- epicentre 91km east of Concepcion in Maule and 317km south-west of the capital Santiago at 03:34:14AM (there time). Occurred at, the boundary between the Nazca and South-America tectonic plate it struck at a depth of about 35km.

Aftershocks: Shocks felt in Argentina over the Andes. The first aftershock measuring 6.2 at the epicenter of the earthquake Second aftershock of 5.6 has hit the southern coast of Chile. At least 33 aftershocks were estimated.

The USGS said tsunami effects had been observed at Valparaiso, west of Santiago, with a wave height of 1.29m above normal sea level. Huge waves have struck two towns after the quake. Easter Island been evacuated due to tsunami threat Tsunami warnings for all pacific areas.

Small tsunami already hit eastern New Zealand of Chatham Islands.

Effects on country

Feared the damage may cost many tens of billions of dollars- two million people been affected.


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