childrens play learning and development 2016 specs unit 1 milestones




Fine motor

Gross motor

0-3 months

·        Reflexes – sucking, rooting

·        startle

3 months

·        watches hands and plays with fingers

·        clasps and unclasps hands

·        can hold a rattle for a moment

·        lifts head and chest up

·        waves arms and brings hands together over body

6 months

·        can reach for a toy

·        can move a toy from one hand to another

·        puts objects into mouth

·        moves arms to indicate that they want to be lifted

·        can roll over from back to front

9 months

·        can grasp and object with index finger and thumb

·        can deliberately release objects by dropping them

·        can sit unsupported

·        is likely to be mobile – crawling/rolling


12 months

·        uses index finger and thumb to pick up small objects

·        can point to things with index finger

·        may stand alone briefly

·        may walk holding onto furniture(cruising)

·        some may walk unaided

15 months

·        can make precise movements with pincer grasp to pick up crumbs or small objects

·        grasps crayons with palmer grip

·        may be walking with hesitation

·        may fall and also bump into furniture

·        crawls upstairs

18 months

·        can use a spoon to feed with

·        can scribble

·        can build a tower of three bricks

·        uses palmer grasp to hold crayons and other long handled objects

·        can walk unaided

·        can walk upstairs with help (two feet to a step)

·        is restless

·        can climb up onto toy

·        can squat to pick up a toy

2 years

·        can draw circles and dots

·        can use a spoon effectively to feed with

·        can put on shoes (may be on wrong feet)

·        can run

·        climbs onto furniture

·        can use sit and ride toys

2 ½ years

·        has a hand preference

·        can do simple jigsaw puzzles

·        can pour sand and water into cups

·        is starting to develop a tripod grasp

·        can pull down items of clothing such as trousers

·        runs quickly and confidently

·        can kick a large ball

·        may begin to use a tricycle

·        walks upstairs confidently, but may still use two feet to each step

·        can jump with two feet together off a low step

3 years

·        washes and dries hands with help

·        holds a crayon and can draw a circle

·        has established hand preference for most tasks

·        tripod grasp is developing, using two fingers and thumb



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