child development DEPRIVATION

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deprivation - the removal of the person whome the child is attached.

Robertson and balby

Aim- to describe teh short term reactions to seperations from the main care giver.

method - 49 children aged between 1 nad 4 were observed whilst seperated from their mother.

results - first the child protests, then the child bercomes in despair, finaly the child detaches from te care giver.

conclusion - deprivation results in a series of predictable reactions.

evaluation - reiable the same results have been found when the study has been repeated.

robertson and robertson found that the reaction could be prevented through carrying out certain steps such as allowing the child to see photographs of their mother, take theor favourite toys, and maintainance of the same routine.

Long term effects.

Maternal deprivation hypothesispredicted that if the child was deprived of their…


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