Child development

Physical development norms

                  Age                              Physical milestones

  • 15 months-Walks independently, using arms to balance;walks upstairs forwards; downstairs backwards;kneels; builds a 2 brick tower; uses cup and spoon
  • 18 months-walks confidently; walks upstairs putting both feet on each step; controls wrist' removes shoes and socks' builds a 2-3 tower
  • 2 years-Runs avoiding obstacles; walks on tiptoe; jumps; kicks ball; uses preferred hand; threads beads; build a 6-8 brick tower; starts potty training
  • 3 years-walks upstairs one foot on each step; downstairs with two feet; balances on 1 leg; walks sideways; pedals and steers toys; throws ball overarm an catches it; dresses and undresses with help
  • 4 years-Goes up and down stairs like an adult; has a mature pincer grip; eat skillfully with a spoon and fork; uses a bat with a ball; improved balance and climbing skills
  • 5 years;Dresses and undresses mostly independently; uses knife and fork well; increased agility; can skip, dance rhythmically

How to help intellectual development

                Age                                  Intellectual milestones

  • Newborn-Make a face for baby to copy; sing; allow freedom to kick without clothes on
  • 3 months-Change baby's position and location to stimulate senses and prevent boredem
  • 6 months-Action rhymes
  • 9 months-Peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek type games
  • 12 months-Games using hands;mother and toddler groups
  • 18 months-Feely…


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