Child Acquisition - Reading Notes

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Reading Notes

Reading Strategies

Skills required to read:

  • Follow the line smoothly from left to right, top to bottom
  • Recognise shapes of letters and words (e.g. lower and upper case letters)
  • Recognise correspondences between shaps and the aural experiences of language
  • Recognise that in English the same graphemes can correspond to different phonemes and vice versa
  • Matching words recognised on the page with words and meanings contained in the memory
  • Recognising syntactic units and decoding their grammatical structures
  • Retaining an understanding of the first part of a sentence in the memory until the end
  • Recognising textual 'signposts' and indicators of textual cohesion
  • Checking understanding against real world knowledge

Reading strategies:

  • Use phonemic/graphemic correspondences to match letters/words to words we already know from the spoken language and to guess pronunciation of previously unknown words 
  • Use ability to recognise and distinguish visually the shapes of whole words
  • Use knowledge of syntactic structures to predict the kinds of meanings that are possible in a given slot
  • Use our understanding of text structures and genres to predict the kind of meanings we are likely to find

Hooder and Stoughton - Towards Independent Reading

  • Finger-pointing prevents: line jumping, reading across punctuation marks and sentence bounding
  • Intonation patterns reveal minimal understanding

Johnston and Watson

There the two different types of phonics:

  • Analytical phoenics - the whole…


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