Chemistry Paper 1C Jan 2012 Notes

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Notes on questions I got wrong:

  • iron compound present in rust:

Hydrated Iron oxide

  • What type of reaction occurs in iron rusting?


  • Galvanising prevents iron from rusting. What is iron coated with?


  • What object is suitable for glavanishing?

Bucket - water will be put inside it.

  • Other ways to prevent iron from rusting:

- Oiling

- Painting

- Greasing

- Covering with plastic

- Coating with tin or aluminuim or below in reactivity series

- Attaching magnesium or zinc blocks (to ships)

  • Amonmonium chloride - ions

Positive ion: NH4+      Negative ion: Cl-

How do you know if a substance contains ions?

It will be ionic if it is: a metal…


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