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Ionic Bonds- How are electrons arranged?

Electrons are not evenly spread out but exist in layers called shells the arrangement of shells is often called the electron configuration.

the first shell can only hold up to 2 electrons and then from that its up to 8 electrons 

for example Potassium

1st shell= 2 electrons 

2nd shell= 8 electrons 

3rd shell=8 electrons 

4 shell=1 electron 

due to potassium having 4 shell this means its placed in period 4 of the periodic table and due to it having one electron in the outer shell this means its placed in group one in the periodic table. so group 1, period 4 =Potassium

An important feature of a subatomic particle is their electrical charge 

protons are positivley charged

Neutrons are neutral 

electrons are negativley charged

atoms have equal numbers of protons and electrons, which means their overall charge is 0 






11 positive protons add 11 neagtive electrons gives an overall chargarge of 0 

Becoming an Ion

Elements want to become stable. A stable element is one where it has a full compliment of electrons in its outer shell. some elements like the noble gases already have a full outer shell. the noble…


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