Chemistry - Electrolysis

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At the anode, connecting to the positive terminal of power source, where electrons leave the electrolyte.

At the cathode, connecting to the negative terminal of power source, where electrons enter the electrolyte

At the cathode, cation is involved (Positive ion) and they gain electrons.
At the anode, anion is involved (Negative ion) and they lose electron

Y------> Y + e- (lose) 

X+ + e- ---> X   ( gain) 

For solution:

At the anode, factors are
1. concentration (for concentrated solution, the more conc one get discharged)
2. Electrochemical series (For dilute solution) (Lower, more chosen to discharged)

At the cathode, metal reacitvity series. (Lower, more chosen to discharge) 

Normally the cathode gets discharged and deposited on the cathode.

Product at cathode is a metal, product at anode is a non metal.

**At the anode, the product…


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