Chemistry C2 GCSE Revision Notes OCR (higher)

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- An Alloy is a mixture of a metal element with another element.

-Bronze contains copper and tin
-Brass contains copper and zinc
-Solder contains lead and tin
-Steel contains iron
-Amalgam contains Mercury.

-We use Alloy metals as they are more useful than the original metals

-Smart Alloys
--Nitinol, made from nickel and titanium
--More bendy, harder to damage
--Can change shape at different temperatures (shape memory)
-- used by surgeons
--Used in shower heads for safety


Iron    +    Oxygen    +    Water        Hydrated Iron Oxide (RUST)

Can prevent rust by:
-Tin Cover
-Zinc Collar.


Clean Air
78% Nitrogen
21% Oxygen
1% other noble gases.
0.035% Carbon Dioxide
(Water vapour varies)

Carbon monozide is produced in imcomplete combustion or petrol. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas. Nitrogen oxide is another gas made from car fumes. Sulfur Dioxide comes from combustion of fossil fuels.


The sulfur dioside dissolves in water vapour in clouds and makes the rain more acidic than usual.


Errodes the stone in buildings (especially calcium carbonate) and kills and harms plants and animals.

Catalytic Converters
-In the exhaust of cars (little box with large surface area)
-reduces Carbon monoxide (CO) levels.
-When it comes in contact with the gases, it speeds up the reaction.



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