Chemistry C2: Atoms and Ionic bonding

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Atom Structure:

Atoms are made up of 3 sub-atomic particles

  • PROTONS (these have a possitive charge)
  • NEUTRONS (these have no charge)
  • ELECTRONS (these have negative charge)

In the middle of the atom there is the NUCLEAS which consists of PROTONS and NEUTRONS

The ELECTRONS are located on the OUTER SHELL(s) of the atom and they follow these rules...

  • The first shell can only hold up to TWO electrons
  • the rest of the shells can hold up to EIGHT

Atoms with a full outer shell are called NOBLE GASSES

The number of protons is equal to the number of electrons, if the number of electrons changes then the overall charge of the atom will change (+ or -)

In the periodic table, the number at the top of the letter is the MASS number and that shows you how many protons AND neutrons there are and the…


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