Chemistry C1.7

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C1 7.1

The Earth is a giant sphere and has a thin crust that surrounds the Earth. It measures from 5KM to 70KM. It has a mantle that is 3000km thick, it also mostly solid but can flow very slowly. The core is about half of the radius of the Earth. It has magnetic items closer to the inner core, such as iron and nickel. Solid inner core and liquid outer core.

C1 7.2

The Earth's crust is seperated into techtonic plates. They move a few centimetres a year because of convection currents caused by heat rising and then dropping again. They are also caused by decay of radioactive elements heating the mantle.

When plates meet then huge forces build up. This causes volcanoes forming and earthquakes. Alfred Wegener created the idea of continental drift in 1915, but his idea wasn't excepted because he didn't have enough evidence to prove


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