Chemistry - Atoms, molecules and compounds

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Atoms, molecules and Compounds

Atoms are the building blocks that everything is made from, living and dead. These atoms are really tiny. We can't even see them with a microscope! They have a nucleus which is positively charged and electrons which are negatively charged. The electrons move around the nucleus in layers known as shells. Inside the nucleus are neutrons which are neutral and protons which are positive.

You may be asked what charge an electron, proton or neutron has. The easiest way to remember this is...


(Pro)ton - when you are making a decision you may consider pros and con's, pros are positive reasons. So a proton has a positive charge.


(Neutr)on - think N-e-u-t-r are the first 5 letters of the word 'Neutral'. So a neutron's charge is neutral.


Electrons - these are the smallest components of an atom, so if we (just for now) consider being smallest is a bad thing it


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