Chemistry - Atoms, Calculation and Bonding

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  • A pure element is made up of just one type of atom
  • sub atomic means smaller than a atom
  • atom means not cutable
  • Thompson first discovered electrons. first subatomic to be discovered
  • Proton = posoive charge, Neutron = No Charge, Electron = negative charge
  • Atom is mostly empty space - because radioactive hardly bounce back
  • Electron have a mass of almost 0. proton and neutron have almost same mass
  • Atoms measured in atomic mass units
  • Protons + neutrona = mass number
  • Neutrons = mass number - protons
  • Atoms have no overall charge and are neutral (equal number of prtons…





very nice for basic understandings

what grades are you getting?

what science exam board are you doing and what gcse are you taking?

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