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1.      Why do atoms have a zero electrical charge?

·        Because they are neutrally charged particles, because they have the same number of positively charged protons as negatively charged electrons


2.     The fluoride ion has the formula F. why is this particle charged?

·        it has gained an extra electron, making an overall negative charged


·        What is an ion?

·        An atom or a molecule that has had electrons either added or removed. It is therefore charged


·        Why is the sodium ions attracted to the chloride ions in sodium chloride?

·        Because there are as many sodium is positive charged and chloride is negatively charged


·        Calcium has the atomic number 20, and fluorine has the atomic number 9. Predict the charges on the calcium and fluorine ions, and hence the formula for calcium fluoride.

·        Calcium is in group 2 so has


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