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(words in red are important and you will need to know for the exam)

Limestone is mainly calcium carbonate - CaCO3

When heated limestone breaks down..

calcium carbonate - calcium oxide + carbon dioxide

Limestone -  (heat) - Quicklime + carbon dioxide 

Quicklime reacts with water forming calcium hydroxide (slaked lime)

slaked lime = Ca(OH)2 ... H20 + CaO 

Limewater turns cloudy white when carbon dioxide is bubbled through it.


  • Mortar
  • Cement
  • Concrete
  • Glass
  • Neutrilise acid in lakes and soil
  • Ingredient in toothpaste
  • Purify Iron 

Thermal decompostion: breaking down using heat

Metal carbonate breaks down when heated e.g

CaCO3 - CaO + CO2


Metals are from the earths crust, extracting metals depends on their place in the reactivity series if they're less reactive than carbon they can be extracted by reduction


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