Chemistry 2.4 Energetics and enthalpy

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  • Enthalpy (H) = The heat content of a system
  • Enthalpy change (Delta H) = The heat added to a system at constant pressure
  • The chemical system is the reactants and products. The surroundings are everything other than the system
  • In chemical reactions existing bonds are broken and new bonds are made. This changes the chemical energy of atoms.
  • Energy is exchanged between the chemical system and the surroundings as heat
  • To measure this energy the term enthalpy is used
  • The principle of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed from one form to another
  • If heat is released, it is still considered energy
  • Enthalpy change = Enthalpy of products - Enthalpy of reactants
  • If heat is


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