chemistry unit 1- products from oil

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  • Large hydrocarbons can be broken down into smaller ones by the process of cracking
  • two ways of cracking - 1)passing the vapour over a hot catalyst 2) heating hydrocrabon vapour to very high temp
  • thermal decomposition takes place in cracking- this is useful to seperate smaller alkanes useful as fuels from the large hydrocarbons
  • molecules which come from the hydrocarbons are ALKENES- CnH2n
  • alkenes are unsaturated because they contain fewer hydrogen atoms, they have a DOUBLE CARBON BOND= more reactive
  • alkenes turn bromine water from orange to colourless
  • Plastics are made from long chains of polymers
  • polymer= many monomers joined together to form a chain
  • To make a polymer- POLYMERISATION
  • in polymerisation the double carbon bond breaks


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