chemistry unit 1- our changing planet

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  • Crust (oceanic and continental) is the first layer of the earth
  • Below that the mantle is almost solid and flows very slowly due to the convection currents from the cores radioactive heat
  • below the mantle there is the outer core (liquid ) and inner core (solid) it is very hot and contains magnetic metals like nickle and iron
  • the earths crust is broken up into tectonic plates which move a few cm every year due to CONVECTION CURRENTS IN THE MANTLE
  • where the plates meet at (constructive, destructive, conservative ect) pressure it built up and earth quakes, mountains or volcanoes occur
  • ALFRED WEGENER- 1915 "continetal drift" believed that the earth was shrinking
  • Earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago
  • in the first billion years the earth was covered with volcanos that released carbon dixode, water vapour and nitrogen
  • as earth cooled the water vapour condensed to form our oceans
  • so earth early atmosphere- CO2, WATER


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