Chemistry unit 1- metals and their uses

  • ore= rocks that contain enough metal or metal compound that it is worth extracting
  • mining has huge effects on the environment and uses tonnes of energy therefore fossil fuels
  • gold can be extracted by physical methods as its low in the reactivity series however some compounds have to be chemically extracted
  • metals can be extracted by DISPLACEMENT  of carbon this is when the more carbon replaces the gold, this is reduction as it removes the oxygen
  • iron oxide is reduced in a blast furnace to form iron but this makes it too brittle as cast iron
  • most iron is converted into alloys called steel as the properties are not too brittle but not too soft
  • steel is a mixture of carbon + iron + other elements
  • low carbon steel- easily shaped
  • high carbon steel- hard
  • Aluminium has a high reactivity but is resistant to corrosion (non ferrous)
  • aluminium is more reactive than carbon so cannot be displaced by


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