chemistry unit 1- crude oil and fuels

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  • crude oil contains many different useful compounds that boil and different temps
  • when the boiled compounds gas is condensed it condenses at the same boiling temp
  •  compounds in crude oil are hydocarbons (only hydrogen and carbon)
  • two groups of hydrocarbons- alkanes and alkenes
  • ALKANES are found in hydrocarbons - formula= CnH2n+2
  • Alkanes are saturated because they contain as many hydrogen atoms as possible
  • structural formula- C2H6
  • displayed formula-(
  • Crude oil is seperated into the useful fuels using fractional disstillation
  • larger the molecule- larger the bp
  • 1) crude oil is vapourised and fed into fractional tower 2) tower is heated at the bottom 3) smaller molecules rise quickly to the top and condense 4) bigger molecules are closer to the bottom
  • low BP molecules are used as fuels because theyre flammable


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