Chemistry Unit 1


Words highlighted are useful.

Words capitalised will be heard throughout Chemistry.


Revision Notes:

Atoms, Molecules and compounds.

Basic Information: (Need to k now fro level 1-2 answers)

·         Atoms are really tiny and are too small to be seen.

·         Atoms have a nucleus. This NUCLEUS is positively charged, and electrons are negatively charged.

·         The ELECTRONS move around the nucleus in layers known as SHELLS.

The Stages of bonding and how this can occur:

·         Atoms can form bonds to make MOLECULES or COMPOUNDS. (E.G compound elements such as HCL Hydrochloric acid).

·         The electrons are responsible for making the bonds as these can be given away or shared for example sometimes an element can lose or gain electrons when bonding with another element.

·         The removal or gain of elements determines the charge the element now has.

·         Gaining an electron the element becomes negatively charges as there are more electrons than neutrons. 

·         The loss of an electron now make the element positively charged.

·         CHARGED ATOMS are known as IONS



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