Chemistry topic one - groups in the periodic table



Groups in the periodic table

Transition metals

- a good catalyst

- they conduct electricity in the solid and liquid states

- they are shiny when freshly cut

- higher melting points

- higher densities

- greater strength

- greater hardness

Group 1 - alkali metals

- soft  

- low density

- one valence electron = very reactive

- they form ionic compounds with non-metals

TRENDS going down

  • Increasing reactivity  : the outer electron is more easily lost as the attraction between the nucleus and the electron decreases as the electron is further away due to the fact that there are more shells 

  • Lower melting and boiling point 

  • Higher relative atomic mass


  • Reaction with water : react vigorously, produce hydrogen gas, produce metal hydroxides, produce alkaline solution, reactivity increases going down the group 

  • Reaction with chlorine : react vigorously when heated in


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